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Flexible Electronic Hearing Facility

Talect offers seamless integrated video conferencing suite, customised to enable flexible and efficient electronic hearings.


Electronic Document Management

In-built document management system allows stakeholders to upload and access electronic case bundles from anywhere, anytime.


Cloud-Based Data Management

End-to-end encrypted cloud based servers ensure your data is secure and accessible from the convenience of your own space.


Case Calender Management

Editable procedural timetable linked with integrated calender allows easy access to entire case calender on your customised dashboard.


Real-time Alerts and Notifications

The system tracks all case related activity and updates real-time status on your dashboard. It also sends calender linked reminders for upcoming schedules and shares status updates through SMS and Integrations.


Invoicing and Payments Management

Flexible payment management system enables parties to raise or access Invoices, and also make or receive payments through an integrated payment gateway.

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